Day 6: Mom

She grew up in the sixties
Friends in body bags, returned
It broke her heart to see such tragedy
So she waited for the world to turn

The day he walked into the restaurant
She said she would marry that man
And that’s exactly what she did
Despite protests from gran

Babies were lost the first few times
Then finally there was me
Then two years later my brother came
Completing our family

She said she had all she wanted
The love of her life, a daughter and son
And though through the years there were troubles
They were always overcome

Dad was many years older
He almost died when we were teens
He had given up but when he saw us
He came back from wherever he’d been

Before Thanksgiving Day he called me
To make sure I was coming home
I thought this was odd because he never called
No matter how far I had roamed

We all were home together
And as always he cooked the meal
And as always it was delicious
We definitely ate our fill

I got up the next morning
He was cursing Newt Gingrich as he ate
I went back to bed but was wakened
He’d collapsed in the yard by the gate

She watched as her lover lay dying
Watched him gasp his last breath
Watched as the light in him died
His smiling face now a mask of death

I’ve never seen such sorrow
Such abject pain and fear
Her heart had never been so broken
Hopelessness never so near

She went through all the motions
She stared into space and she smoked
She buried him near his family
And in the end she broke

Many years have passed since then
She spent many years alone
And no one has ever replaced him
No matter how far she’s roamed

But she bought herself a house
Something she’d always wanted but never had
Raised a granddaughter during rough times
When she was all they had

She took out her false teeth once
When complimented on her smile
“Here”, she said, “You can have it.”
I bet that man ran a mile!

Her life is a tragic comedy
She feels life’s fullness has waned
But there’s still youth in her laughter
A spark of joy no sorrow has stained

She is one of my heroes
For these reasons and many others
She’s just a woman living life
But she’s so much more, my mother


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